Internet access technologies
Optical fiber

Optical fiber is a cable made of pure quartz fiber (silicon dioxide) with a circular cross section. It provides stable data transmission via light waves with speed up to several Tb/s. In contrast to a link based on a network of copper wires, the signal is characterized by resistance to various types of interference (e.g. caused by the weather). Fiber optic technology is now widely used in homes and businesses. In the offers of providers it functions under the name „fiber-optic Internet”.

Fiber optics guarantees ultra-fast download and upload speeds and high quality of TV and telephone signals, which allows for comfortable use of multimedia services and smooth playback of movies in the highest 4K quality (for this reason, fiber optics is often offered together with TV). Very high throughput is the biggest practical advantage of optical fiber.

You can choose from different technologies for delivering fiber optic internet. The most popular technology is FTTH (Fiber To The Home). Connecting a building or premises to a fiber-optic network requires installation work that takes up to several hours. Thanks to the direct connection between the sender and the end user, the solution is virtually failure-free.